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MegaFon OJSC is a leading Russian universal telecommunication service provider, operating in all segments of the telecommunications markets in Russia. The Company and its subsidiaries have licenses to operate in all of the Russian regions and in the Republics of Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Tajikistan.
The Company was the first in Russia to launch 3G for commercial operations. In July 2012 MegaFon was awarded one of four ten-year licenses for the provision of 4G/LTE services throughout the entire Russian Federation and has already started providing these services in 50 different regions. In October 2013 MegaFon completed the acquisition of a 100% interest in Scartel/Yota, which hold significant 4G/LTE licenses, from Garsdale Services Investment Limited, its shareholder and a member of the AF Telecom group (see below)..The Company is a leader in the provision of mobile Internet, and in the number two position as to the number of active subscribers in Russia.
As a result of its acquisition of the Synterra Group, one of the leading Russian backbone operators, in September 2010, MegaFon substantially increased its fixed-line B2B and B2G businesses, as well as its provision of fixed broadband services In September 2012 the Company acquired the VAS Media group of companies, which was integrated with MegaLabs, its R&D subsidiary.
Russian Broadcasting and Emergency Alert Network (RSVO) is a wire broadcasting and emergency alert operator in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.  The company was established after amalgamation of two Rossviaz subordinate Federal State Unitary Enterprises MGRS and RS SP.
RSVO mainly focuses on construction and operation of special emergency alert networks, broadcasting of public radio programs, audio engineering support of major public events, including Victory Parade on Red Square in Moscow.
Wire broadcasting network of Moscow and Saint Petersburg forms the technical base for emergency alert systems on the territory inhabited by over twenty million people.
Wire broadcasting network continue in operation in conditions of power cutoff at residential and office buildings; it is multiple redundant system  which provides target alerting to people in emergency areas.
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Mastertel is a Telecommunications Service Provider in Moscow and St. Petersburg and is a member of the Prime Business Group Holding. It offers its corporate clients a full range of modern connection services from classic telephony, high speed Internet access, the leasing of dedicated connection channels and ‘dark fiber’ to complex solutions of telecommunications tasks, including planning, equipment supply, the creation of network structures and aftersales project support.
The main aim of the Company is the provision of telecommunications services to business and shopping centers, hotels and logistics complexes. Among the Company’s corporate clients are State institutions, banks, trading companies, large suppliers and manufacturers, building companies, retail chains, media-holdings, connection service providers and many others.


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