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www.Retail.Ru is the oldest and biggest internet project about retail in Russia. It has more that 23 000 subscribers and over 60 000 everyday visitors. Retail.ru addressed all aspects of Russian retail industry and oriented on trade workers, suppliers, producers and any organizations working with Russian retail. Everyday news, biggest articles library, expert’s interviews and professional forum.
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Publishing House Retailer is the only one Russian specialized media which includes such information and communication channels, as: 
1. Internet-newspaper Retailer.ru. Everyday communications. Established in 2003. Website audience -  more than 200 000 visitors per month.
2. Print media Retailer magazine for chief and top managers. Established in 2006. Issued 5 000 copies quarterly.  Is for sale at Ozon.ru
3. Series of federal and regional business and entertaining events. In 2011 Publishing House Retailer have already organized over 10 specialized Retailer Congresses, f.e. Retailer Football Cup and INFOLine Retailer Russia TOP-100.
4. Specialized book series «In caricatures, comments and cases». Two books «Trade Act in caricatures and comments» and «Information technologies in retail: caricatures and cases» are already for sale atOzon.ru. In 2011-2012 over 10 next issue-related books will be issued.
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Research and publishing company ComNews was founded in 1998. ComNews Group issues annual bulletin “Telecoms Encyclopedia & Broadcasting. Russia” (contains detailed and objective information on all key telecom companies on Russian marketplace); monthly “Standard” magazine; daily ComNews.ru internet newspaper of telecom business news; directory “Who is Who in Russian Telecom & Broadcasting”. ComNews Group performs research and review of the regional, national and CIS telecom markets in the frames of a daughter company ComNews Research. ComNews Group also provides consultations regarding media relations and PR-activities. 
STANDARD is a unique monthly business magazine of ComNews Group published in Russian. The main focus of the publication is on telecom, broadcasting and IT market developments in Russia and the former Soviet Union states, as well as other emerging markets such as China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Our editorial team has an impressive experience in business journalism.
STANDARD contains analysis and forecasts on the hot topics (actually, followed on a daily basis by ComNews.ru). STANDARD is a full color publication, with a circulation of 10,000 copies. It is distributing on a subscription basis (incl. free qualified subscription) and at key industrial events (such as telecom exhibitions and conferences).
Currently STANDARD has over 8,000 subscribers, spread out all over Russia and CIS. From January, 2006 the subscription for STANDARD
is available in all the 11 countries of CIS.
MForum.ru - is one of the leading online magazines, dedicated to the Russia, CIS and worldwide telecom and IT markets. With more, then 25000 unique daily visitors MForum.ru is the right place where you always can get actual information or place an advertisiments targeted on the telecom and IT specialists.
The main focus of Mobile-Review.com (established on September 2, 2002) is mobile devices and technologies; also we deal with PDA, DECT-handsets, MP3-players, digital cameras and accessories. We made a comparable analysis of new phone models, publish analytical article about market of mobile terminals. Our motto is «Write simply about sophisticated things», and in our opinion, we are good at this

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