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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
ComNews Conferences in partnership with Svyaznoy Group of Companies are delighted to invite you to the International Conference «Digital mobile devices distribution, marketing and retail –Mobile Retail 2011».
Date & Venue: 14 December 2011, Holiday Inn Moscow Suschevsky Hotel (Moscow, Suschevsky Val, 74). Registration starts at 9:30 am on December 14.
We cordially invite participants of mobile retail market to join professional discussions on the topical issues of the market.
Key topics of the Conference:
  • The Russian market of mobile digital devices in Russia. Major trends & prospects
  • Chain retailers’ impact on the retail market of mobile digital devices
  • State regulation of mobile retail market in Russia
  • Retailer’s strategies in current market conditions. Competitive environment impact on business development.
  • Telecom operators in the mobile retail market
  • Seamless fusion of advanced mobile technologies mobile retail of the future
  • The world becomes “social”, mobile & local. How to use new on-line environment?
  • E-payment systems – mobile payments, trends and customer relations
  • Digital ecosystem: its role in mobile & digital retail markets
  • Attracting investments in retail market of mobile digital devices
  • Vendors’ strategies to develop direct relations with major retail chains
  • Interaction of retailers and copyright owners
  • Development of a service chain of the federal level
  • The market of co-branded mobile digital devices. Who wins?
Who will you meet?:  Representatives of state regulatory agencies, mobile retailers, telecom operators, vendors, investment companies, consultants, industry experts and industry media.
conf@comnews.ru. Please visit our web-page for more information: http://comnews-conferences.ru/MR2011 To learn more and to register your place pleases call: +7 (495) 933-54-83, +7 (495) 775-71-20 or email to
We are looking forward to meeting you and your colleagues in Moscow!
Kind regards,
Konstantin Salko,
Conference Producer
e-mail: salko@comnews.ru


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