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Message from
General Director 
Russian Satellite Communication Company
Yury Prokhorov
Dear colleagues,  

Nationwide operator “Russian Satellite Communication Company” in partnership with ComNews Conferences now begins to prepare the 15th Conference of satellite communication and broadcasting for providers and customers, SATRUS-2010.
In 2009 we attempted to run our yearly conference in a new format. And we were all aware of apprehensions regarding the change in venue and methods shared by many regular participants of traditional forum that had always taken place in Dubna.  
However the high appraisal given by participants and guests of SATRUS-2009 proved that the new format had been chosen correctly and had given to the Conference a new scale and image, now reflecting its actual status of the main event of the year in Russian satellite communication field.
And we are not stopping there. In 2010 we plan to add new topics to the traditional block of strategical subjects discussed at SATRUS, in particular those concerning latest updates in fundamental scientific research in space and telecommunication spheres. We will also invest a lot of effort into laying the groundwork for open discussions of the industry’s burning issues both in Russia and worldwide.
We invite all representatives of Russian and global satellite community to participate both in the preparation of SATRUS-2010 and the conference itself.
We look forward to meeting you in September 2010 in Moscow.                



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