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MegaFon OJSC is a leading Russian telecommunication service provider, operating in all segments of the telecommunications markets in Russia. The Company and its subsidiaries have licenses to operate in all of the Russian regions and in the Republics of Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Tajikistan.
The Company was the first in Russia to launch 3G and LTE for commercial operations, providing its subscribers with high speed mobile Internet access. MegaFon is the only operator in the country, which launched an LTE-Advanced network into commercial operation in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

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Comfortel — advanced communications service provider.
Our clients include successful companies and providers in St. Petersburg. We render full scope of communications services for companies: seamless access to the Internet, corporate communications and consolidation of offices. We also offer our clients the service “To buy a vanity number in St. Petersburg”.
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