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О TOP Mobile 2012:
Informative. Round tables is a great idea.

Svetlana Vinogradova, Megafon

Well organized event, clear and relevant topics.

Andrey Kondratovskij, Trestsevzapmontazhpromstroj

Excellent organization, an interesting Conference.

Boris Kuzmin,
Profit Company

Positive, productive.

Lehning Anton,

Very important topics were discussed -the use of mobile devices in the corporate environment and BYOD

Denis Skrynnikov,

Worthy conference without pathos or importunity.  

Smozhenkov Stanislav,
(Concern PVO Almaz-antey)

It was interesting to understand and discuss the problems and solutions in the mobile market.


Tselishchev Alexander, Documents Factory

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 The dynamic advances of Russia’s information technologies industry demanded the establishment of an organization that would act as advocate for the industry’s interests. In the fall of 2001, leading IT-companies agreed to establish a non-profit Information & Computer Technologies Industry Association (“AP KIT”). The companies who cooperated to form this advocacy organization include the following: 1C, Aquarius, Cognitive Technologies, DPI, ELST, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, iTeco, Kraftway Computers, Microsoft, Oracle, R-Style, TopS, Verysell, Xerox, ASK, ACSIT, White Wind, DialogNauka, IVK, Interface, Kaspersky Laboratory, Lanit, Marvel, NAMIP, Pirit, et cetera. In terms of its membership, AP KIT is the most representative noncommercial association in the Russian IT Industry. Association members have earned acclaim as leading Russian and international businesses, distributors, system integrators, vendors and developers. By many accounts, AP KIT members control up to 70% of the official market.  AP KIT unites associations representing individual market segments as well as regional unions. Among the AP KIT members are subindustry and niche associations APEAP (Association of Electronic Apparatus and Device Makers), ARPP Domestic Software (Association of Software Developers), NP MOOP YaRD, NP PPP (Noncommercial Partnership of Software Product Suppliers), RUSSOFT Noncommercial Partnership and regional associations AKCIT (Southern Russia Digital and Information Technology Companies Association) and RASPO (Russian Association of Free Software). A mouthpiece for IT industry interests, AP KIT defends them with the major public associations. It is a member of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and WITSA and cooperates with the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, OPORA (Russian Non-governmental Association of Small and Medium-size Businesses), AMR (Association of Managers), the Institute of Contemporary Development, RATEK (Electronic Appliance and Computer Distributors and Producers Association), BITKOM and ICC. AP KIT representatives sit on expert and advisory boards at the Russian State Duma, government commissions, ministries and departments (Ministry for IT and Communications, Ministry for Economic Development, Ministry for Education and Science, Ministry for Industry and Trade, Ministry for Culture and Mass Communications, Federal Customs Service, and the Federal Antimonopoly Service). Uniting the industry elite, AP KIT forms a system of values, improves mechanisms of interaction within the industry and works to build an open, civilized market as a safeguard of IT business stability.
 The Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC) was established in 2006.
The Association's objective is to create a civilized information society, which will have its own legal system and the codes of professional activities that are to be accepted by both the users and the companies operating on the Internet.
One of the key goals of the Association is to set up a dialogue between the state and the IT-companies.
RAEC is actively involved in the solutions of socially important objectives aimed at the development of the information society in Russia and enhancing the image of Russia as of the responsible member of the global information community.
 International Telecommunications  Academy (MAC) is an international organization. It is a voluntary public association of academics, outstanding managers and highly skilled professionals. Co-operation is based on common professional interests, theoretical and practical issues in infocommunication development (Infocommunication = information + telecommunications (communication).
 Association of Regional Telecom Operators (ARTO) is one of leading Russian associations of telecom market players and was founded in February 1995 (former name Association-800). ARTO is a non-commercial association of companies created for the purpose of coordination of business activities, representation and protection of general property interests of its members in the sphere of communications. Today the association unites 30 companies which are engaged in development and operation of mobile and fixed-line networks in RF and CIS countries. Primary goals of ARTO are assistance to regional operators in business and networks development, assistance in interaction with communications administration. ARTO effectively defends interests of regional operators, contributes to creation of liberal telecommunication environment and fair competition, pursues the policy of implementation of technical and economical integration of participants of communication development process on the territory of RF and CIS countries. ARTO cooperates closely with other specialized associations and alliances, participates in works on implementation of new technologies and services.
 RUSSOFT Association is a Nation wide Association of the most technically competent software developing companies from Russia. The head-quarters is located in Saint-Petersburg. Today we unite more than 70 companies with 25000+ of highly qualified software engineers with advanced graduate level degrees in Technology & Computer Science.

 Association of the market of wireless data networks - the largest public profile ogranizatsiya Ukraine, officially registered in 2002. The Association is a member of the Public Council of the National Commission, subject to state regulation in the sphere of communications and informatization of Ukraine and the State Service for Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine. The structure of the organization consists of more than 80 companies (carriers, integrators, vendors and developers of hardware and communication solutions, media, government agencies, etc.) from Ukraine and other countries. The organization conducts itself and with partners in more than 40 different profile of activities (conferences, seminars, round tables, exhibitions, press conferences, forums, etc.) per year. With the support of the Association since 2005, publishes a magazine for professionals dedicated to the topic of wireless and mobile technologies - "Browser Wireless Ukraine". The association oversees the largest projects in the sphere of high technologies in Ukraine and other countries.
 Russian Agency for Development of the Information Society ( RARIO ) was established in early 2008 on the initiative of the heads of state and public structures developing the information society in Russia. Establishment of the organization was approved at the II All-Russian Civic Forum. The purpose of the organization is to promotethe information society and civic initiatives in this field, deliver the best practices of e-government implementation, increase information literacy and form a national information culture.


Established in 1994, the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises provides financial support to young scientists and small businesses that are engaged in scientific development that offers a high potential for commercialization.
The main financial support programmes offered by the Foundation:
UMNIK (designed for pre-seed stage)- Supports young innovators aged between 18 and 28, Financing: 400,000 rubles over 2 years.
START (designed for seed, start-up stage) - Supports small innovative companies at the seed stage, Financing: up to 6 million rubles over 3 years.
GROWS (designed for expansion stage) - Supports projects in priority areas of science and technology.
INTERNATIONALIZATION (designed for expansion stage) - Supports projects at small Russian innovative companies together with organizations from Germany, France, Finland and other countries.
Participation in the Foundation’s programmes allows innovators to convert their projects from scientific ideas to sustainable businesses that are attractive to domestic and foreign investors. Besides project funding, the Foundation offers support in the form of training and consultation.
Since 2010, the Foundation has been developing “UMNIK Ready”, a programme that enables the transition from pre-project to seed stage. The Foundation is actively implementing programmes to support priority areas in developing science and the state. In 2012, it launched “MET”, a programme aimed at modernizing education using modern technologies, and 2013 saw the launch of a programme involving Russian small entrepreneurship as part of the XFEL international project, and the development of an industrial cooperation programme for both small and larger businesses.
In 19 years of operation, the Foundation has received more than 35 000 applications, agreed more than 11 000 R&D deals, created more than 4 000 startups, supported more7 500 than young innovators, opened more than 60 regional representative offices across the Russian Federation.

 Association of Software Developers “Domestic Software” is a union of Russian software developers representing all segments of the IT industry – from anti-virus and linguistic solutions to ‘heavy’ SW – automation and management systems for a wide range of industries. Key task of the Association is to support and encourage the national industry of canned software, propel the importance of the industry in the labour system on the federal, regional and municipal levels, and contribute to the social sphere, education and culture by harnessing high domestic technologies.
 The Institute of the Information Society (IIS) is an independent research and service organization established in September 1998 by a number of professionals working with information technologies, telecommunications and information policy who were brought together by the common goal of developing the Information Society in Russia.
Our Mission
The Information Society for us is not about creating automatons – it is a society of empowered people, who are talented and successfully self-actualizing; information and communication technologies in capable hands are a useful and easily adjustable instrument rather than an ultimate goal or a panacea.
Our mission is to facilitate the adequate choice of development goals and directions. We propose well thought-out rational solutions because we assume responsibility to our partners and clients for the outcomes of those choices.
Our Goals and Objectives
IIS corporative goals are:
  • Formation and development of the Information Society in Russia, Russia's integration into the global Information Society
  • Creating favorable climate and favorable conditions that are conducive to the effective interaction between all stakeholders and participants of the Information Society
  • Enabling fair competition in the communications and information market as well as fostering the development of information resources, technologies, infrastructure, and services
 www.npsod.ru is the e-library of IT projects, the data centers catalogue, interviews with significant personalities of Russian and global IT markets, IT news and analytics.
 Info Systems Academy (ISA) was established in 1996 by Stins Coman Group and is a leading training center for information technologies, IT security and business in Russia. The Academy strives to build up knowledge and expertise which can help to tackle strategic and operational tasks.
ISA employs advanced training technologies and combines high standards of knowledge with a comfortable training environment. ISA has its own classrooms which have all the equipment needed to make the best of the training process.

 IT Management School – the largest in Russia in its kind – was founded in 2001 as a subdivision of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. The School’s teaching personnel includes leading Russian scholars and consultants, and ever since its foundation, the School’s academic director has been member of the Russian Academy of Sciences A.G. Aganbegian.
IT Management School was the first in Russia to launch fundamental retraining program “IT Manager: Project Manager, Business Analyst”, also, the School’s MBA program ‘Information Management (CIO)” is the only IT MBA on the Top 25 of MBA programs in Russia.

 Moscow Chapter of PMI – a non-profit organization aiming to enhance experience, knowledge and skills of Project Managers – members of the Moscow Chapter, boost professional excellence in project management through certification programs (CAPM, PMP, PgMP), seek recognition and high appreciation of Project Management profession in Russia. Moscow Chapter of PMI represents international Project Management Institute (PMI).
Founded in 1969, Project Management Institute (PMI) has grown into the world’s largest association for the project management profession with more than 380,000 members. PMI has representation offices in more than 170 countries through Chapters operating on the local level and specialized Communities of practice.


Interregional non-governmental organization Information Security Association (ASA) was founded in 2002 at the initiative of Federal Agency of Government Communications and Information (FAPSI) and the State Technical Commission. ASA is designed to create favorable conditions for satisfying the needs of citizens, corporations and government organizations in products and technologies of IT security.
ASA actively collaborates with the national Security Council, Federal Security Service, Federal Service for the Technical and Export Control (FSTEK of Russia), Federal Agency for IT, other ministries and authorities, along with numerous financial and economic organizations.

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