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2010 год 

Dear Ladies & Gentleman,


ComNews Conferences, a part of the Publishing Group ComNews, in pertnership with OAO "Rostelecom" invites you to participate in the Second International Telecom Conference «Transport telecommunication networks development in Russia» - Transport Networks Russia 2011, which is held on March 2-3, 2011 in the Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya Hotel (Moscow, Lesnaya str., 15)

Key topics of the Conference:

  • Russian market of Transit telecommunications. Current state & prospects;
  • Strategies for providing transit services to the Russian trunk operators on the route Europe - Asia. Challenges and prospects of revenue growth;
  • Traffic growth forecast and trends of the internal Internet access channels (national traffic  exchange points, billable or free traffic exchange, peer-to-peer);
  • Development and expansion of the Internet access channels in the Russian regions. Key factors of development and tariffs reduction;
  • CDN in Russia. Deployment and operation experience;
  • The role of international exchange points in optimizing the Internet traffic management and networks load;
  • Trunk networks: system projects creation and implementation experience;
  • Strategy and construction of trunk lines by departmental & corporative operators;
  •  Experience in design of transport networks for video content delivery;
  • Optimizing capital and operating costs for line-cable infrastructure development and maintenance;
  • Technical operation and maintenance of cable communication lines (emergency repair works, corrective & heavy maintenance).


We invite to participate: Representatives of transport networks operators, mobile and fixed operators, corporative and departmental networks, representatives of research institutions, infrastructure equipment vendors, system integrators, consultants and market analysts, investment companies, regulators of the telecommunications industry and broadcasting, business and industry media.


We are looking forward to seeing you among the participants if the Conference!

Best regards,

Konstantin Salko

Conference producer

Tel.  +7(495) 933-54-83  +7(495) 933-54-83 , ext.133

E-mail: Salko@comnews.ru

Transport Networks Russia 2010



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