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Joint Stock Company Gazprom Space Systems - an affiliated company of Gazprom - is a diversified vertically integrated scientific, technical, industrial and operator structure, which conducts activities in the field of development and operation of telecommunication and geoinformation information systems serving the interest of Gazprom Group and other users.
JSC "Gazprom Space Systems" has world-class space and ground infrastructure, sustainable diversified business, a broad customer base, and highly skilled staff.
The company has created, operates and develops the “Yamal” system of satellite communication and broadcasting, which includes:
• orbital satellite constellation (satellites "Yamal-201", "Yamal-202", "Yamal-300K", "Yamal-402», ASTRA 1F) and ground control;
• terrestrial infrastructure (control and measurement system, teleports, satellite digital television center, a network of earth stations in the regions of Russia).
The company has built and operates the Center for Aerospace Monitoring and is designing the orbital constellation of radar and optical observation satellite system "SMOTR".
JSC "Gazprom Space Systems" is one of two Russian national satellite operators, and belong within a group of about forty satellite operators in the world.
The number of satellite TV channels on Yamal satellites amounts to 170, representing more than 30% of the total number of TV channels of the distribution type delivered to Russia via satellite.
About 6500 central and subscriber receive/transmit satellite earth stations representing approximately 15% of the total number of earth stations in the Russian Federation operate via Yamal.
At the end of 2012 JSC "Gazprom Space Systems" was ranked by World Teleport Association (WTA) in the list of twenty global satellite telecommunications companies.
In 2012, JSC "Gazprom Space Systems" was recognized as ‘the most innovative satellite operator in Russia’ according to the annual ICT rating of  COMNEWS.
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"Tricolor TV" is the largest satellite television operator in Russia and Europe. Since 2005 it broadcasts a pack of TV channels to European part of Russia and also to Siberian, Ural and Far East regions. Company has more than 12 mln. subscribers (including 1 mln. HD-subscribers). Broadcasting under the brands of "Tricolor TV" and "Tricolor TV Sibir" is made by CJSC "National Satellite Company" (Moscow).


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