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COMNEWS sums up the MVNO&MNP Russia 2013 results

All-Russia Conference MVNO & MNP Russia 2013 organized by COMNEWS took place on May 15, 2013 at the WTC Congress Centre as a part of the business program at Sviaz-Expocomm exhibition in Moscow.

Top managers of over 100 Russian and international companies - network operators, software developers and manufacturers of telecommunications equipment, as well as regulators, industry analysts, consultants and journalists got involved in the Conference to discuss the future of the virtual network operators market  and the situation regarding the introduction of number portability service.
The Conference was endorsed by ARTO, RAEK and International Telecommunication Academy. The sponsors of the Conference sessions were Mediafon company, Protei, Tekelec; the Conferenced was held with the participation of  MTT company.

The Conference Plenary session was devoted to the state and prospects of telecommunication market development in Russia; it was opened by Dmitry Rutenberg, Head of Transport and Communications Control Department, FAS Russia who noted the importance of the MVNO market development in Russia and introduction of MNP to create a competitive environment in the Russian market.

Yuri Dombrovski, President of Association of regional telecom operators commented on  the current state of the MVNO market in Russia, and examples of existing foreign virtual operators in his report  «New conditions in the Telecom market. MVNO prospects». The greatest interest among the participants of the Conference was caused by the report of Andrey Rego, Head of Regulatory Department, MTS on the MNP services barriers in Russia and the timing of the project. According to Mr. Rego, existing normative MNP documents contradict the civil and tax legislation, and some basic technical requirements and procedures are absent.

In the plenary session Vitaly Solonin, Head of Wireless Technologies Department, J'son & Partners Consulting; Igor Isakov, Chief of CDB department, Mediafon and  Kurt Damm, Director Sales Engineering GSS, Tekelec presented their topics.

Discussion and views exchange continued at the round table «MNP & MVNO - Evolution of telecommunication services in Russia. Strategies and business models of operators».
The issue of how will model and quality of services provided by operators change with the implementation  of MNP and advisability of MNP implementation in general as financing this project will not let operators invest in the development of broadband was raised during discussion. The discussion was attended by Anton Lachinov, Head of GR, Vimpelcom; Vadim Maximov, Head of regulatory risk management Department projects, Corporate Center of  MTS; Alexander Kurochkin, CEO, SMARTS; Konstantin Golikov, CEO, Consulting agency Telekompas and others.
The Conference ended with the session related to partnership and interaction between network operators.

MTT’s  view on network services development prospects based on Full MVNO model in Russia was presented by Alexander Mustakimov, Marketing Department Director, MTT.  According to him, at least few big full cycle MVNO operators will soon appear on the market because the strategy of the Big Three operators is becoming more concentrated, and general margin reduction makes it necessary to look for alternative ways to maintain profits.

Alexander Kurochkin, CEO of SMARTS told about the experience of running MVNO on their infrastructure. He stated that the company is ready to ready to cooperate and provide MVNO with all the necessary resources.
The session was also attended by Valery Temnikov, Head of MNP project, Coordination center for TDL.RU; Vladimir Freinkman, Marketing and System Studies Director at Protei; Vladimir Shulga, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mobile Medicine Technologies.
The next MVNO & MNP Russia Conference will take place in May 2014, where changes of virtual operators over the past year will be discussed and the first results of the MNP project implementation in Russia will be announced.



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