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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
ComNews Conferences is delighted to announce the First All-Russia Conference MVNO Russia 2012.
Date & Venue: March 21, 2012, Holiday Inn Moscow Suschevsky Hotel (Moscow, Suschevsky Val, 74). Delegates’ registration starts at 9:30 am.
We welcome the market participants to discuss and debate the greatest challenges facing the industry.
The key topics of the Conference in 2012:
  • A long way of MVNO in Russia: market overview and development prospects in Russia
  • Regulatory models of MVNO abroad: regulation and deregulation of the mobile sector to encourage competition in the market
  • Legal aspects of MVNO in Russia and the CIS
  • The regulator’s role and other factors influencing MVNO development in Russia
  • Entering M2M market: challenging issues of MNO and MVNO cooperation
  • MVNO business models evaluation: pricing, financial structure, success factors
  • Key issues of MNO and potential MVNO partnership. The win-win model conditions for the operators
  • The European experience of MVNO project developing: from concept to launch and operation
Who will you meet? Top-managers of domestic and international operators, MVNOs, ISP providers, device manufacturers, software developers, systems integrators, security providers, representatives of state bodies, industry experts and consultants, mass media representatives.

We are looking forward to seeing you among the participants of the Conference!
Best regards,
Konstantin Salko
Conference producer
Tel.  +7(495) 933-54-83 , ext.133

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