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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

COMNEWS is delighted to invite you to the 1st International Forum «Mobile number portability in the Russian networks - MNP Russia Forum 2012»

Date & Venue: 10 October 2012, Holiday Inn Moscow Suschevsky Hotel (Moscow, Suschevsky Val, 74). Registration starts at 9:30 am on October 10.

Complying with the Russian Federation President’s instructions (now Prime Minister) Dmitry Medvedev on implementation of mobile number portability (MNP),the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of Russia has prepared a draft bill at the end of May, 2012. According to this document, the MNP principle is to be implemented in January 2014, but representatives of the Ministry state that it could be done in 2013. MNP introduction may significantly change the power balance in the market, thus it is important to avoid possible errors during MNP system implementation.


Dmitry Rutenberg,
FAS Russia
Yuri Dombrovski,
Association of regional telecom operators
Andrey Rego,
Kurt Damm, 
Aleksandr Kurochkin,
Mamuka Marhuliya,
Tele2 Russia
Andrey Batalov,
VimpilCom Ltd
Viktor Kaledin,


Key topics of the Conference:

  • MNP  as a tool for competition development in the Russian market of mobile and fixed networks
  • Impact of MNP implementation initiative on the power balance in the Russian market
  • The possible calls routing scheme to transferred numbers
  • Technical issues of the MNP system implementation.
  • The changes in operators’ model and quality of the offered services  with the MNP implementation in Russia
  • The expected costs of the operators’ MNP introduction
  • Regulator, operators, subscribers:  considering  interests of all  market  participants while implementing MNP system

The forthcoming event will be the primary platform for discussion of the MNP service by all participants of the telecommunication market in the Russian Federation.
The best practices of MNP implementation risks and prospects will be presented during the Conference.

We are looking forward to meeting you and your colleagues on the Conference!

Kind regards,
Konstantin Kurochkin
Conference Producer
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