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ICT Priorities: Education and Healthcare

The 2nd All-Russia Forum “Priorities 2015: Informatization of Education and Medicine in Russia”
took place on 2 December. The new potential of ICT technologies was discussed by more than 150 professionals engaged in the informatization of education and healthcare, representing Russian government entities, medical facilities, institutions of higher education and companies from across the country. This event was organized by ComNews Group and supported by the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of Russia, the Russian Ministry of Healthcare and the Moscow Department of Information Technology.

The reception of Priorities-2015 was sponsored by Rostelecom. The forum was held with the participation of Pexip and backed by the Association of Private Clinics of Moscow, the Association of Private Clinics of St. Petersburg, the Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC), the International Telecommunication Academy (ITA), the e-Governance Center of the ITMO University, the Russian Agency for Development of the Information Society, the Non-profit Partnership RUSSOFT, the Moscow Center of International Business Assistance (MCIBA). The strategic media partner was the information and analytical agency TelecomDaily, the event partner – IT-Sobytie, and the calendar of IT events was provided by Runet ID.

The forum was opened by Natalya Gordeeva, Assistant to Vadim Dengin, First Deputy Head of the Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications at the State Duma of the Russian Federation. After her speech, the floor was taken by Pavel Rabinovich, Vice President for Development at Moscow State Regional University, who made a report “From a Sandpit to Space Odyssey” about educational IT technologies. The efficiency of automation applied to non-educational processes at Moscow schools was described by Roman Ershov, First Deputy Director of “Termocenter” at the City Department of Education.
Maria Degtereva, Director of the Medical Center of Information and Analysis of Vladimir Region, presented the outcome of healthcare informatization 2015 in the Vladimir region and the prospects for 2016. The report about the new technologies to tackle interdisciplinary connections while training mid-tier specialists in ICT was offered by Romella Lovyago, ICT in Education Expert at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. Andrey Tyazhelnikov, Head Physician at City Clinic No. 2, told the audience about the system of interactive communication and information and reference services for healthcare workers in Moscow. Vladimir Kalinichenko, Director of Medcomtech, – about the service model to develop medical service standards and use them in healthcare and compulsory health insurance.
The system of networked learning in healthcare was explained by Nadezhda Zaliznyak, Client Services Director of NEARMEDIC Clinics and Head of "Corporate University" project. The other speakers who made reports during this plenary meeting were Dmitry Rastyagaev, Vice-Rector for Informatization at Russian New University; Haik Savzyan, Director of HPBO MBT “Medical College №6”; Svetlana Borisova, Head of Continuing Professional Education Department at Medical College No. 6; Boris Popov, Regional Director Russia & CIS at Pexip.

The forum plenary session continued with an awards ceremony, where the winners of the 7th Russian National Contest “10 Best IT Projects. Educations and Healthcare” received their prizes. The contest traditionally celebrates the clients and contractors carrying out the most outstanding social ICT projects in Russia.

The winners in the nomination “Best Innovative Project in Healthcare” were Netrika and the St. Petersburg Medical Information and Analytical Center. Together, they created a service for the exchange of laboratory data (GIS REGIZ) in St. Petersburg. The Moscow Department of Information Technology and i-Teco were awarded the title “Best Innovative Project in Education” for their project “Information system “Electronic Card for Access and Meals”. The Organizing Сommittee also introduced a special prize for developing educational institutions. This prize was given to the project for creating a unified departmental electronic library for educational and research establishments of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. This project was implemented by Alee Software. “Best Automation Project for a Medical Facility” was the project “Female Academy – Mobile Application for the healthcare center Maternity Home No. 2” carried out by InfoShell and Maternity Home on Furshtatskaya Street. The title “Best TV-Medical Project” was given to DICOM Consulting and the Murmansk Regional Clinical Hospital named after P.A. Bayandin for implementing the project “Developing the Central Archive of Medical Images of the Murmansk Region”. COMNEWS also offered a special prize to the firm Escape and the Astrakhan Regional Medical Information and Analytical Center for developing the system of public pharmacare.
The project “Virtual Laboratory Facility “The Characterization of Self-Compacting Concrete” by the Tver State Technical University and the Belgorod State Technical University named after V.G. Shoukhov was recognized as “Best Multimedia Facility for an Educational Institution”. In the nomination “Best Media Project in Education”, the winner was the company Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) with its federal educational project “Children Teach Adults”. “Best Electronic Textbook” was the automated complex for teaching students how to design fire alarm and security systems, developed by the Altay Industrial and Economic College. TuBi Lab received a special prize from COMNEWS for facilitating remote rehabilitation of patients.

After that, the forum was divided into two parts: the practical section “Barriers and growth areas of informatization for scientific-educational complex in Russia” and the practical section “Barriers and growth areas of “electronic healthcare” in Russia”.

There were several reports about implementing knowledge management systems in the first section. Among the speakers were Ksenia Tarasova, Senior Specialist for Development Tools at the Federal Institute for Education Development; Natalia Dneprovskaya, Accosiate Professor of Financial University under the Russian Government; Sergey Artamakin, Head of Electronic Educational Resources Department at Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University.
One more person taking the floor during the section was Yulia Skurikhina, Advisor to Rector of Kirov regional state autonomous educational institution of advanced training. She described an integrated information environment for educational organizations based on MS Office 365.

As for the other practical section “Barriers and growth areas of “electronic healthcare” in Russia”, one of the reports was dedicated to using the standards of sharing electronic medical data. It was presented by Sergey Shvyrev, President of HL7 Russia, Head of "IT in Healthcare" Laboratory and Associate Professor at the Department of Medical Cybernetics at Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University. Anna Mosyagina, Head of Sales Russia & CIS at iSpring, gave information about iSpring solutions for e-Learning in healthcare. The other speakers were Vladimir Pastushenko, CIO at Medicine AlfaStrakhovanie; Oleg Simakov, member of the ICT Advisory Council of the Ministry of Healthcare and General Director at "Health Modelling Technologies", Higher School of Economics; Bisar Uzdenov, Deputy Director of Portal RAMN; Sergey Smolin, Information Security Engineer at Medicina and others.

In their speeches and backstage conversations, the participants of the conference highlighted that the discussions were exceptionally well-organized. They also confirmed the practical significance of the information shared at the 2nd All-Russia Forum “Priorities 2015: Informatization of Education and Medicine in Russia”.


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