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 INFOCOMMUNICATION SERVICES MARKET PARTICIPANTS UNION (INFOCOMMUNICATION UNION) was created as a result of reorganization ofthe Third Generation Telecommunication Networks Operators Association (3G Association), which was established in 1999 by the major Russian mobile networks operators.
UNION MISSION: promotion of implementation of perspective technologies, creation of conditions for further development of the infocommunication market and transition to the Global information society for the fullest satisfaction of population needs in new services.
The Union is comprised of 4 leading Russian mobile networks operators: VimpelCom, MegaFon, Mobile TeleSystems, Sky Link.
The group of associated members consists of 21 companies and organizations: сellular & long-distance, fixed & transit networks operators; research-and-development, research-and-production and engineering organizations; vendors; system integrators; content and service providers and software development companies, SIM vendors; investment and consulting companies, conference and exhibition organizers.
Official partners: ITU-T, ECC, ETSI, GSA, GSMA, 3GPP, OMA, UMTS Форум, CDG, Mobey Forum, ARIB, TTC, Association Européenne Payez Mobil, Wireless Ukraine,CRFC, MTUCI, IPI RAN, Association “Communication”.
The Association of the National Radio Frequency Resource Users (NATIONAL RADIO ASSOCIATION) is a nonprofit organization founded in November 1997 under support of the State Commission for Radio Frequencies (GKRCH).
The National Radio Association is aimed at integration of efforts of telecommunications operators and manufacturers for resolution of the spectrum issues and implementation of new radio technology in the Russian Federation.
  • Participation in national technological policy-making on radio spectrum use;
  • Representation and protection of common interests of the Association members in federal legislative and executive bodies for telecommunications as well as international organizations involved in regulation and supervision of radio spectrum use;
  • Conducting research and development, experimental studies aimed to improvement of spectrum use in the interests of the NRA members;
  • Assistance in design, manufacture and operation of the modern radio technology systems, equipment and software.

In 2002 a non-government, non-profit organization named the Wireless Data Transfer Network Market Participants Association (Wireless Ukraine www.wirelessua.com) was registered. Wireless Ukraine brought together all active participants in the wireless network market — equipment vendors, sellers, and operators. Today's Wireless Ukraine consolidates 90 companies.
GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) represents leading GSM/EDGE/WCDMA-HSPA/LTE suppliers, providing trusted, widely referenced reports, facts, analysis and information explaining market developments and trends. GSA advises governments, regulators and policy-makers on the optimum conditions for market development. Briefings are given to media and analysts. GSA-organized seminars facilitate enhanced dialog between operators, members and developer communities. GSA is a 3GPP Market Representation Partner and co-operates with other key organizations worldwide. The website www.gsacom.com is targeted to the industry and the main channel for distribution of information and news. The RSS feed is complemented by social networking services including the GSA LinkedIN Group.

Mobile broadband is changing the way the world communicates. The UMTS Forum helps all players in this dynamic new value chain understand and profit from the opportunities of 3G/UMTS and its Long Term Evolution (LTE).
The UMTS Forum contributes actively to the work of the ITU, ETSI, 3GPP and CEPT as well as other technical, commercial and regulatory organisations globally.
It supports the interests of its membership with a range of studies, reports and other outputs. Key focus areas include markets trends, mobile broadband services and applications, spectrum & regulation, technology & implementation. A strong promotional voice is maintained via a high-profile presence at conferences, seminars and workshops as well as regular briefings to the media, analysts and other stakeholders.
Membership of the UMTS Forum draws together everyone with an interest in mobile broadband, including network operators, regulators and the manufacturers of network infrastructure and terminal equipment.
Association of Regional Telecom Operators (ARTO) is one of leading Russian associations of telecom market players and was founded in February 1995 (former name Association-800). ARTO is a non-commercial association of companies created for the purpose of coordination of business activities, representation and protection of general property interests of its members in the sphere of communications. Today the association unites 30 companies which are engaged in development and operation of mobile and fixed-line networks in RF and CIS countries. Primary goals of ARTO are assistance to regional operators in business and networks development, assistance in interaction with communications administration. ARTO effectively defends interests of regional operators, contributes to creation of liberal telecommunication environment and fair competition, pursues the policy of implementation of technical and economical integration of participants of communication development process on the territory of RF and CIS countries. ARTO cooperates closely with other specialized associations and alliances, participates in works on implementation of new technologies and services.


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