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Research and publishing company ComNews Group was founded in 1998. ComNews Group issues annual bulletin “Telecoms Encyclopedia & Broadcasting. Russia” (contains detailed and objective information on all key telecom companies on Russian marketplace); monthly “Standard” magazine; daily ComNews.ru internet newspaper of telecom business news; directory “Who is Who in Russian Telecom & Broadcasting”. ComNews Group performs research and review of the regional, national and CIS telecom markets in the frames of a daughter company ComNews Research. ComNews Group also provides consultations regarding media relations and PR-activities.

STANDARD is a unique monthly business magazine of ComNews Group published in Russian. The main focus of the publication is on telecom, broadcasting and IT market developments in Russia and the former Soviet Union states, as well as other emerging markets such as China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Our editorial team has an impressive experience in business journalism.
STANDARD contains analysis and forecasts on the hot topics (actually, followed on a daily basis by ComNews.ru). STANDARD is a full color publication, with a circulation of 10,000 copies. It is distributing on a subscription basis (incl. free qualified subscription) and at key industrial events (such as telecom exhibitions and conferences).
Currently STANDARD has over 8,000 subscribers, spread out all over Russia and CIS. From January, 2006 the subscription for STANDARD is available in all the
11 countries of CIS.

MForum.ru - is one of the leading online magazines, dedicated to the Russia, CIS and worldwide telecom and IT markets. With more, then 25000 unique daily visitors MForum.ru is the right place where you always can get actual information or place an advertisiments targeted on the telecom and IT specialists.

The Mobile Content Russia Magazine is a leading online industry resource covering the business of value-added mobile services and mobile media. The magazine focuses on such areas as mobile content, mobile marketing, new services, mobile internet, aggregation, researches, mobile devices, mobile games and entertainment. We offer more than 13 000 articles, interviews and news about mobile VAS market in Russia and the rest of the world. Comprehensive companies catalogue, case studies and industry insights. Our site has 8 000 - 10 000 unique visitors per day.



IT-Event.Ru is a directory of Russian events in the field of Information Technology. The directory is the most complete database of IT events publicly available on Russian hosted websites. It contains information about exhibitions, conferences, seminars and contests taking place in over 20 cities across Russia.


LTE Portal is a leading provider of the 3GPP LTE (Long-Term Evolution) and LTE-Advanced technology news, industry resources, analysis, expert opinion, and other materials that are relevant to the next generation mobile broadband technology and the Mobile Telecom Market as a whole. LTE Portal’s mission is to foster the development and further commercialization of the LTE technology by facilitating information sharing, collaboration, and networking.

WIP is an international company that builds mobile developer communities.  Our Developer Marketing Agency services complement and strengthen developer and partner relations programs.  Our WIPJam events are popular around the world as an unconference that truly understands and gives a voice to developers.  Along with our on-line Community, Wiki Resources, AppStore Wiki and global partnerships, we connect developers and start ups to information, resources and tools that they need to reduce cycle times, increase innovation and get to market faster.
The journal covering technologies, services and solutions for all communication means at various enterprises. Telecommunication equipment and services, Internet development market trends. Reviews. Comments by experts, interviews with representatives of respective industries.
The GRFC FSUE with the assistance of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation (MINKOMSVIAZ) and the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (ROSKOMNADZOR) publishes the specialized magazine Radiochastotniy Spektr (Radio Frequency Spectrum). The magazine presents the information on the latest trends and technologies in the sphere of telecommunications. The distinctive feature of this edition is that materials are published from the viewpoints of organizations taking direct part in the radio frequency spectrum management. OUR AUTHORS are heads of regulatory authorities and scientific and research organizations, experts and analyzers, scientists and development engineers.
  • specialists in the sphere of telecommunications;
  • employees of radio frequency service enterprises;
  • manufacturers and suppliers of telecommunication equipment;
  • specialists of branch R&D Institutes;
  • MINKOMSVIAZ and ROSKOMSVIAZ top leaders;
  • Russian State Duma deputies



Vestnik Sviazy (Herald Of Telecommunications) is a monthly technical and trade magazine published in Russian continuously since 1917. The publication is focused on everyday practice and perspectives of telecom market in the FSU.
Special attention is paid to the policy of national and international telecom authorities (ITU, The Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications, Telecom Administrations in the FSU, etc.), practice of operators of public and private networks and business activity of national and international vendors. The magazine covers international and national development telecommunication projects.
Pro Digital - our advantages
We are five years in the market 
We represent the materials and review of the Russian regional and federal IT market, analyze tendencies, mainstream and outlooks.
We consult and interview IT-specialists of the famous companies. Professional team from Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Moscow and Tumen analyzes actual issues which are researched in details. 
All the materials are also printed on our site www.prodigital.su
The publishing house “Port-Press” is the member of Association of Medical IT and Development (ARMIT) www.armit.ru



Network portals spbIT.su, MskIT.runnIT.ru is an independent information provides online publication covering the IT markets of the North-Western, Central and Povolzhskogo regions respectively. Daily news, interviews with market players, analysis, review materials on equipment to form a complete picture of the market and track trends in each region and in Russia as a whole.
Since 2007, IP-News provides you with latest information on the telecom markets of Russia and St. Petersburg. All the news concerning fixed and mobile telephony and data transit, digital content and telecom legislation are now daily delivered to you by our reporters.
IP-News targets business readers: managers, economists, legal and technical experts of telecom companies build a majority of our audience.
Since October, 2009 IP-News is available in English at http://www.ip-news.ru/en.




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